About us

Partscore is a Canadian automotive parts manufacturer that wholesales and distributes automotive and Pickup Trucks accessories from its Canadian main warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario to across Canada.

We are proud to provide our customers the best product, as well as the best and most professional support to our customers and end-consumers. Partscore is a brand runned by Dewelt Inc. which has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing quality Tonneau Covers/Side Steps/Fender Flares and more.

Offering the two most popular kinds of Tri-fold covers perfectly designed for Canada's all seasons tough weather.

Soft folding cover made from vinyl material for great truck bed protection and comes completely assembled for a quick and easy installation.

Hard folding cover is made of extremely durable Fiberglass panels which have been carefully designed to drain water outside and not to retain it inside the product.